Chloe Jade Green 2014 Spring/Summer Shoe Collection


Do you know what shoe addition is? Or maybe you are already shoe addicted. Well let’s check out what you feel after seeing new Chloe Jade Green spring/summer 2014 shoe collection. It is obvious that you will forget about everything and for a moment you will feel as if the world has stopped. You may think that everything is exaggerated but I am totally sure that you will have the same feeling like million fans of Chloe.


This smashing collection of summer shoes is represented in the best way. Lookbook includes photos and names. Every design has its name; the lookbook associated designs with popular cities. Together with Cloe Jade Green 2014 summer shoe collection you will appear in different cities and feel the flair.

Appear in the center of Buenos Aires with those killer T-strap high heels. You will never forget your tango with Chloe.


Have a walk on the beach of Malibu with Chloe and have all the joyful moments of summer. If you love carnivals you can easily appear in Rio de Janeiro with another example from new spring/summer shoe collection.

Welcome to Miami and welcome to new fashion world where everything is super-stylish. Wedges from Miami are comfortable and beautiful.


Continuing our trip we appear just in the center of Vegas luxury. For more relaxed beauty choose flat sandals from El Paso or Pasadena. There are so many beautiful cities left and there are so many gorgeous designer shoes that you can choose from new Jade Green 2014 spring/summer collection.


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