2014 Summer Hats; How to Wear it


Have you already got all necessary garments and accessories for this summer? If you are fashion addicted you have probably checked out all summer collections and upgraded your wardrobe with summer essentials and you are completely ready to enjoy summer days.


Hat is one of the most important accessories for summer. Besides of looking so cute and stylish a hat has important function. Harmful UV rays can damage hair and delicate skin and that’s why wearing a hat on sunny days is a must. You just need to learn what types are trendy this season and how to match a hat with outfit.

Recently wide brim hats are of great popularity but it is a bit capricious style and you should be very careful when wearing such style. This is perfect one to create glamorous and bohemian look. Wide brim hat is not suitable for women with petite figure.


Do you know anything about hat etiquette? If you are wearing a baseball cap you have to take it off entering a public building while fashion hat sets you free from etiquette.

When choosing a hat you should first of all take into consideration your face shape. Knitted hats work for all face shapes and you can easily find something stylish for you. Women with oval face shape can choose any style of hat. Women with diamond face shape should avoid wide brim hats while round face shape will look oval with wide brim hat. Bigger brims are great option for long face shape.

Accessorizing a hat is a great trick to create more glamorous and stylish look. You can decorate it with anything you want; it can be feather, colorful scarf or flower.

At last, pay attention to hairstyle you are wearing with a hat. If you are going to wear a hat all day long you can style it wavy or braided.








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