How to Wear Black


Black is the color of mystery and there is no other color that can create so seductive and magnetic look. Black will always be trendy and wearing black will never be a faux pas. You just need to learn who to choose black clothing and how to match it with accessories.


The problem about black clothing is boring look. Actually it is pretty hard to wear one tone clothing and look maximum attractive. You should complete your outfit with additional details and play with texture for greater impact. Here are some cute and stylish looks and tips on how to wear black for this summer and coming fall.

First thing you can do is to play with texture. If you have chosen black dress you can easily glam up your look with accessories like golden necklace, bracelet or clutch (we are talking about evening outfit).

If you have chosen separates combine two different textures; black chiffon is the best one to complete other fabrics.


Black is the color that makes you look slimmer and taller but sometimes women make mistakes choosing black clothing of small size. Perfectly fitting black dress or any other clothing will totally change your figure and make it more attractive.

Black is the best accessory that can complete black clothing like dress. Belt will show off your waist and accentuate your feminine curves.

Touch of color can play up your black outfit and make it more stylish. It can be shoes, clutch or massive accessory.


The type of fabric has great importance. Cotton is not what you need because it will look worn out while cotton with lycra will be just perfect. More expensive fabrics like silk and wool will look more luxurious.







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