Stylish Outifs Winter 2017


Stylish Outifs Winter 2017.Culottes are voluminous short pants that are most often worn during the spring time, but they can be worn in winter too. So, since there is one more month left until the spring, we would like to get you inspired of how to style  culottes this winter.stylish-outifs-winter-2017-1

Culottes, gauchos or full-legged cropped pants, may not be your favorite type of pants and when not styled well can make you look like a clown. But once you know the right fashion and styling tips, you will for sure get used to wearing them more often. The best way to style them is to wear them as you wear an A-line skirt, tucking in a blouse, or choosing a high-waist pair and adding a crop top. And since we are taking about winter outfits with such pants, you may consider pairing them with a cropped sweater. Another thing that you need to consider when getting the right pair of culottes for you is their length. Make sure they are with midcalf length, or if you are on the petite side, choose a pair that falls right below the knee. And when it comes to the footwear, heels are the best shoes to pair with culottes, as well as some ankle boots for the winter time, but not flat ones. Here are some street style looks that you can draw inspiration of how to style this trendy type of pants.stylish-outifs-winter-2017-6 stylish-outifs-winter-2017-7 stylish-outifs-winter-2017-8 stylish-outifs-winter-2017-2 stylish-outifs-winter-2017-3 stylish-outifs-winter-2017-4 stylish-outifs-winter-2017-5

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