Casual Street Style Winter 2017


Casual Street Style Winter 2017.The freezing temperatures and the snow shouldn’t stop you from enjoying walking down the streets, so you need to have the right pair of boots.  And the most appropriate footwear for such weather conditions are of course the Timberland boots. These waterproof boots will keep your feet warm and dry during the winter days and you will feel comfortable walking in them. However, styling them can be quite tricky, so for that purpose, today we are bringing to you several Casual Street Style Looks With Timberland Boots to show you how you can wear this trendy bootscasual-street-style-winter-2017-5

The Timberland brand was founded by Nathan Swartz in 1973 and instantly became famous for its durable footwear. These boots were the must-have for construction workers, lumberjacks and other men whose jobs were at the mercy of Mother Nature. In the late ’80s and ’90s, these boots become popular street style trend thanks to hip hop culture. They have been seen on the feet of many celebrities and have gained the status of a fashion staple. So, if you still don’t have a pair of these boots, you should definitely get some. Here are several ideas of how you can style them. casual-street-style-winter-2017-6 casual-street-style-winter-2017-7 casual-street-style-winter-2017-8 casual-street-style-winter-2017-9 casual-street-style-winter-2017-1 casual-street-style-winter-2017-2 casual-street-style-winter-2017-3 casual-street-style-winter-2017-4

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