Style Tricks by Anna Wintour


Former editor-in-chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour is one of the names in modern fashion that can dictate style and she is definitely one of inspirational images. She has prepared beauty guideline that will help you to change your image and look more stylish.


One of the first things about her image that should definitely be copied is nude shoes. She is always wearing nude shoes be it pumps, point or any other style of shoes. Surely the price of Anna Wintour shoes are a bit higher but every woman can find suitable design of nude shoes.

Anna Wintour always wears unique designer pieces but at the same time she offers not to buy too many garments especially if you cannot afford expensive things. You’d better save money and buy one really worthy thing than spend money on cheap and low quality pieces.


Anna Wintour is a big supporter of low budget brands that are pocket friendly yet they offer really cool and stylish designs. Though she always presented high fashion designers and brands she offers women not to neglect other brands.

Do not be afraid of colors- this is what Anna Wintour offers. Sticking to monotony will never work out; your image will look boring so try to mix and match bright colors with black and white.

If you are the lover of accessories try to choose the one that will be suitable for both casual and elegant outfits. This is more important especially if you cannot afford different styles.


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