How to Choose Wedding Dress


Girls plan their wedding long before they get acquainted with potential groom. They dream of having fairy tale wedding with pure white ball gown, flowers under feet and prince. Time changes dreams but the conception of fairy tale wedding remains. Let’s forget about tales and talk about bridal dresses and tips on how to choose wedding dress. 


Women with petite figure should choose style of dress that makes them look taller. The best style is a dress with waistline that is above natural one. Mermaid gown, trumped and toga dress are best choices for petite figure.


Wedding dress with sweetheart neckline is perfect for busty women. Dress with shiny fabric and embellishments on top should be avoided. The style of bottom part can be in mermaid gown style.


Tall women can go for almost all styles of dresses. The only style that should be avoided is wedding dress with a higher waistline; instead ruffles will make figure more feminine.


Rectangle figure needs more feminine curves and the best style of wedding dress is ball gown. If you have rectangle figure but you are not the lover of ball gowns you can go for sheath dress with a curving side seam that will make your figure more feminine and beautiful.


For small-chested figure the best style of wedding dress is padded halter style. Bra has great importance here but if the style of dress doesn’t allow you to wear bra you can use silicone bra.


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