Pixie Haircut


When it comes to short haircuts for women, the first thing that comes to our minds is the good old pixie. If you think that such a haircut can hide your femininity, you’re completely wrong! Nothing can hide our women’s nature! So, let’s find out why pixies stand among the most popular haircuts. Well, mostly because they are good for women at any age: it can be a good stylish detail for both lovely teens and grown-up women.

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So in case, you want to know if there are pixie haircuts for women over 50: Yes, there are. A lot of them! Just call your hairstylist and he or she will give you a suitable cut. And don’t worry, pixies are totally affordable. You know that some women are insecure about their face shape. So here comes the pixie haircut to solve this trouble: the front locks of your pixie can frame your face and make it look more attractive.

Short Pixie

A short pixie, whatever it is, requires courage to pull it off. Needless to say, this haircut keeps the face as open as possible, and most women aren’t confident enough for that. Also, for some unknown reasons, ladies tend to think that this haircut is limited in styling options. Although you won’t be able to wear posh braided updos, but there are still lots of amazing hairstyles you can do with the cut. On top of that, short pixies look smart and sophisticated, adapting to anything from casual to formal image. As for styling options, you can play around with the texture and parting in any way you want!

Blonde Short Pixie #haircutsforwomen #womenhaircuts #haircuts #pixiehaircut
Brown Short Pixie #haircutsforwomen #womenhaircuts #haircuts #pixiehaircut

Long Pixie

Those who can’t imagine their lives without styling experiments and face-framing looks opt for longer variations of pixies. Such haircuts go ravishingly with bangs and layers, which are the most requested looks modern hairstylists are asked for every day. Also, you can play around with the long top of your pixie, switching between partings or even rocking the iconic wet hair look. Unlike short pixies, this variation requires more upkeep, but it’s still considered a stylish and pretty low-maintenance haircut.

Colored Long Pixie #haircutsforwomen #womenhaircuts #haircuts #pixiehaircut
Blonde Long Pixie #haircutsforwomen #womenhaircuts #haircuts #pixiehaircut
Black Long Pixie #haircutsforwomen #womenhaircuts #haircuts #pixiehaircut


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