If You Have To Blow Dry Your Hair, Use The Coolest Setting


If you are short on time or do not have the patience to allow your hair to air dry, it is recommended to blow dry your hair with cool air on the lowest setting. This will help to tame curly, frizzy locks. Use a brush as you dry to pull and straighten your hair.

Sooner or later, the cruel humidity will come too close. At this point, you will start asking yourself “How do I get rid of frizzy hair?”. Well, a hair straightening mask works well for those with extremely curly or frizzy hair. However, you will only achieve the maximum results, if you use a straightening mask at least once weekly, twice for extra stubborn curls. You can purchase a straightening mask at most of the beauty stores and you can order them in bulk online.

You can even make your own straightening mask at home, such as a lemon juice and coconut oil straightening mask or a healthy milk and honey hair mask. You can experiment with different hair straightening masks until you find the one that works best for you. You should leave the hair mask in for 30 minutes to one hour and make sure to wash it out completely when finished.

They do it in salons as a part of the keratin treatment procedure. But they use several chemicals to change the texture of the hair and give it a silky straight finish. If you’re looking for natural, organic-based alternatives to achieve straight hair, we’ve prepared a couple of easy recipes. Apart from smoothing your texture, these ingredients will also help you strengthen and hydrate your hair.

At first sight, it seems like there’s nothing complicated about straightening hair with a flat iron. But, we still somehow end up with an unevenly styled and damaged hair. And this is where we try to find out how to get straight hair without heat. While there’s nothing bad in stepping out of heat tools, they’re not that damaging if you use them the right way. Below, we’re sharing some crucial flat iron tips that will help you achieve a straight, and, most importantly, healthy look.

  • Prep your hair for straightening. Using nourishing products designed to smoothen and protect the hair from heat is the number one rule to follow before taking an iron. To get the most of the product, distribute it with a brush. Also, don’t towel dry your hair like crazy: just gently pat it downwards.
  • Rough dry your hair. Blowdryer is the most damaging part of any styling routine. In professional salons, hairstylists use the rough drying method to keep clients’ hair protected. Shake your dryer back and forth, making sure the nozzle points downward. Once your hair is 80% finished, let it air dry.
  • Don’t go with random brushes. The right brush is key. If you have a plastic brush, replace it with a boar bristle option to reduce static and make your brushing way smooth and polished.
  • Apply heat ONLY to bone dry hair. Even when you’re in a hurry, use your flat iron only when your hair is completely dry. Apart from that, be picky with the products you apply before straightening, as well as apply them to damp hair, not dry.
  • Use heat protectants. This is where your damage-free styling begins. Ensure to apply thermal protectants designed for your hair type, working it through your damp hair.
  • Adjust the right temperature. Those heat settings on your flat iron aren’t made for no reason. Coarse hair should go with the lowest setting, while fine and damaged hair should stick to the point from 300 to 350 degrees.
  • Work by sections. Some women want to reduce styling time by passing their irons through the whole part. In fact, it’s a waste of time, as it gives a totally uneven look that you will be fixing for quite long. Instead, go for sectioning – the golden rule of perfectly straight hair. Work with small pieces of hair and use clips to keep the rest of the locks out of the way.
  • Keep up with the tension. If you hold the iron taut, one pass may be enough for your hair to become straight. Remember to always mind the tension while straightening your hair.
  • Finishing products. All in all, those shine-reflecting looks don’t occur when you simply straighten your hair. Of course, you need some finishing, oil-based moisturizing products to give your hair a coat of frizz-fighting hydration.


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