How to Wear Plus Size Dress


Woman will always look attractive if only she knows how to accentuate her best features and at the same time hide little faults. This is more vital for plus size women who need to know some basic rules when choosing garments and accessories. Fortunately today they are infinite styles and options to look more elegant and slim as well as numerous beauty guidelines on how to match details. At this time you can learn how wear plus size dress.


A-line style is the best one for plus size women; this type of dress hides little faults and creates an illusion of slimmer figure. V-curves will place the accent on your sexy bust thus making stomach less accentuated. 

The color of dress is as important as cut. The best options are black, brown, purple, dark red, blue, pearl and etc. Neutral and pastel colors that are close to skin tone will make you look fuller so try to avoid them.

What about prints? Stylists still argue about prints that make women look slimmer so try to stay away from too bold and big prints and go for monotony.

At last do not forget to pick stylish accessory for your plus size dress. The newest trend of this season is belt. This is the best trick to have slimmer waist.


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