Gangsta Style Fashion Trend 2014


2014 fashion trends are really impressive and diverse; collection includes unimaginable styles and innovations that will never make you get bored. You will have a chance to experiment with different images and in the end find the best one for you. Gangsta style is another creative and cool trend in 2014 fashion.


Gangsta style has several interpretations; classy details for classy gangsta look and more relaxed styles for street style. Both styles have strong masculine inspiration so if you don’t like masculine style you’d better stay away from gangsta style and try another look that is trendy.¬†

When talking about gangsta style we imagine Gangsters from Chicago Mafia clan with classy black suit, a hat and oversized jacket that hides gun. You can easily copy such imagine choosing classy suit with straight or a bit skinny pants, jacket, tie and hat if you want.


Next¬†example of Gangsta trend is more glamorous and feminine. I am sure that you love beauty bunnies from musicals and “The Great Gatsby” and you will surely like to recreate one of them. Such retro image will be perfect option for parties. Here you have infinite options and designs to choose from.

Many designers turned to retro inspiration for 2014 spring and summer collections and you will easily find what you need.

Those are examples of retro Gangsta style but you still have modern gangsta look that is very popular and frequently seen on the street. Here everything is more relaxed and informal. You can pick super-sexy short and match it with simple white top and sandals.



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