2014 Fashion Trend; Folk Fashion


2014 fashion trends are versatile; they have different inspirations and influences and this is great because you will have a chance to experiment with different images and styles. One of the most fascinating and interesting trends of new season is folk fashion.


Folk Fashion that was popular in ’60s made a huge comeback this year. Just like ethnic fashion with specific prints folk fashion has unique distinguishing details that make those styles really amazing. Yves Saint Laurent was the first who used folk styles for his collection and today this is one of the most popular trends of new season.

Details, colors, prints and patterns are taken from cultures of different nations. Characteristic features of folk fashion are relaxed silhouettes thus making such style suitable for casual looks and walks. More often women choose national accessories like headbands, hats or jewelry; it is much easier to wear accessory than creating new image.


Another characteristic feature of folk fashion is maxi skirt and floor length dress. No matter which culture who want to copy you will never find short dress or skirt. If you are looking for pants try to choose loose styles in natural fabrics like cotton and linen.

Shoes in folk fashion are highly comfortable. You can choose crisscross sandals, flats, wedges and wooden platforms.  For handbags you can choose handbag made in natural leather or suede with patterns.



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