How to Wear High Heels


There is hardly any woman that doesn’t love high heel shoes because high heels change figure, make woman look more attractive and confident. All the popular labels and designers offer smashing high heel shoes for every season and every single design is unique and really special.

Choosing the best design of high heels is only the part of job; you should learn how to wear high heels and how to match them with outfit.


The most important thing you should do when choosing shoes is to be very attentive about fitting. Women make mistakes when choosing small size. It will bring a lot of trouble for you.  High heels with a straight drop to the flatbed are the most impressive but they can cause pain especially if you are going to wear them all day long. 

If you have problem you can always use pads. Silicone pads are very useful; you will feel much more comfortable with pads especially if you are used to slip and lose balance.

Besides of making you taller high heel shoes totally change figure. But wearing high heels can bring to back pains. In order to stay away from such problems and future complications you should wear high heels only couple of hours. If you are going to wear them on wedding and you want to dance all night long, make sure you have pair of flat shoes just in case.


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