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Dior is the name that will stay in fashion history with numerous iconic pieces. Being one of trendsetters of modern fashion Dior always gains attention of fashion devotees. Looking back through the pages of history I have picked the most iconic Dior pieces from accessories to perfume. Find your Dior. 


Lady Dior Handbag

Lady Dior handbag is may be the most iconic Dior accessory that is included in the list of the best designer handbags. This handbag has numerous interpretations in different color combos and prints but the style and conception is still the same. 


Dior Bar Bag

Dior Bar bag is another iconic style from Dior collection. It was first presented in 1947 and even now this style is one of the most popular Dior handbags.


Dior J’Adore

The lovers of Dior perfume have at least once felt mind blowing aroma of Dior J’Adore. This unique perfume was presented in 1999 by Calice Parker. Top notes of parfume mandarin, bergamot, plum mixed with heart notes of champaca flower, jasmine sambac, ivy leaves, violet, Turkish rose, orchid, blackberry and base notes of musk and wood made Dior J’Adore one of the most iconic Dior perfume.


Miss Dior

Another unique perfume to be mentioned is Miss Dior perfume. It was presented in 1947 by Jean Carles and Paul Vacher and in the shortest period of time it gained devotion. The top notes with aldehydes, galbanum, gardenia, clary sage and bergamot, middle notes with carnation, orris root, iris, jasmine, neroli, lily-of-the-valley, rose and narcissus, and base notes with labdanum, leather, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver will make you fall in love with this perfume.


Dior Zémire

Another iconic style is Dior Zémire that was first presented to Princess Margaret at Blenheim Castle in 1954.


Roger Vivier Shoes for Dior

Dior shoes have much influence from Roger Vivier shoes. Stiletto shoes had eye catching lace and silk details combined with beads, pearls, appliques and jewels.


Dior Bubble Dress

One of the most iconic Dior dresses to be mentioned is Dior Bubble Dress that was created in 1956.


Dior Bar Suit and Hat

Every designer house has its signature and traditions. For Dior it is Bar Suit and Hat combo that was first presented in 1947. Today this retro style is interpreted and copied by other labels.


Capture; Dior Skin Care

Besides of unique perfume Dior is one of the leading names in cosmetics representing the best makeup collections for every season. The most popular item that was a starting point for Dior skin care was Capture Skin Care created in 1986.


Dior Rouge Lipstick

Last but definitely not the lеаst name in this list is Dior Rouge lipstick that was first presented in 1953 and it still continues to be the best item in Dior makeup collections.


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