Yellow Hair Color: Top 5 Most Stylish Options To Try This Year


Yellow hair color is perhaps one of the most controversial in the colorist’s palette. We were taught that yellow blond is bad, however, firstly, warm blondes come back, and secondly, when there is a lot of yellow, it’s even good. And very extraordinary! Many blondes are upset when they receive a yellow tint of the strands after lightening. But we are now talking about a completely different yellow! Sunny, lemon and neon tones are in fashion, and it is very beautiful.

Fashion for bright and unusual hair colors came to us a long time ago and is not going to leave.

It’s just that before the most daring girls experimented with shades of pink, blue, or even green, but a wave of such bright yellow hair swept over us for the first time.

Yellow Hair Color: Top 22 Most Stylish Options

Who Is Yellow Hair for?

Yellow strands or the whole head of hair is definitely the choice of very brave girls.

This color is not very popular among fashionistas and colorists for inexplicable reasons. Perhaps the fact is that yellow is associated with a yellowed blond – one that was not very carefully looked after.

Yellow Hair Color: Top 22 Most Stylish Options

Or maybe the fact is that yellow on the hair looks venomously bold and a little cartoonish.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dyeing Hair Yellow

Yellow is a sunny, positive color that energizes. But for dyeing hair, it is not always good.


  1. bright color that attracts attention;
  2. non-pop – even lovers of color dyeing rarely go for it, which means that you will look original;
  3. able to transform even the simplest outfit;
  4. does not acquire unwanted shades over time – the yellow pigment is the most persistent, and while many colors turn yellow over time, purposefully dyed canary-colored hair will simply fade gradually.
Yellow Hair Color: Top 22 Most Stylish Options


  1. does not go well with everything: some things will have to be postponed;
  2. not for everyone: for example, on girls with black eyebrows, this color will look, at least, strange;
  3. like any bright color, it is quickly washed out;
  4. requires careful makeup.

Dark Yellow Hair

With curls dyed in this color, it is difficult to go unnoticed, and it is impossible to look natural – it seems that even pink hair looks much more natural than yellow.

In general, if your goal is to attract attention, then the strands of lemon and canary shades are your choice.

Yellow Hair Color: Top 22 Most Stylish Options

Dark Yellow Ombre On Light Yellow

There is no rule that you can only use one shade if you choose to use this bold color. After bleaching your hair, brighten it with a warm golden yellow tint at the roots.

Then gently go to the golden yellow hair color at the ends.

Yellow Hair Color: Top 22 Most Stylish Options

This can be done on both short and long hair. This yellow ombre looks especially great on medium-length yellow hair.

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