Wildfox Barbie Dreamhouse 2015 Lookbook


Are you dreaming of living in a Barbie world? If so, new Wildfox Barbie Dreamhouse lookbook will take you to your dream world where everything is done in cute pastel tones. Today millions of girls try to recreate Barbie’s image. Sometimes this temptation has maniacal expression; they go for unimaginable transformation through plastic surgery. Ok let’s forget about such unnatural transformations and check out this amazing collection that will help you to become a real doll without surgery.


Models Merethe Hopland and Kirby Griffin are playing Barbie dolls that live in their Barbie world and have so much fun. Like a real Barbie doll models are wearing super long hair styled in soft waves, dazzling makeup with black mascara, pink lips and pink blush. Still, the most important detail in their image is clothing that makes Barbie look so cute and adorable. 

Wildfox Barbie Dreamhouse collection is made in pastel tones like lilac, pink, blue, cream, black and white and all shades that Barbie dolls love. Garments are made in prints and patterns as well as messages like “Barbie Dream House”, “I love Ken” and etc.


In spite of the fact that Wildfox Barbie Dreamhouse 2015 resort collection is thematic all garments presented here are totally wearable and suitable for casual outfit. The line includes gorgeous slouchy sweaters, skirts, pants and skinny jeans, cropped tops and tees. Moreover collection offers line of swimsuits that will help out Barbie dolls to have unique image on the beach. 

Wildfox completed collection with a line of accessories that includes sandals, sunglasses, headpieces and many other details to complete your image. 






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