Which Burgundy Hair Color Is Best?


In order to opt for the right shade, you first need to determine the tone of your hair. Usually burgundy has a tone saturation from 5 to 3. If the number of the nuance you like begins with 5, then your hair should not be darker, but better lighter than the 5th tone. In this case, the dyeing will appear to the maximum.

Brightness and Boldness of Burgundy Hair Color: 35 Best Solutions


The mixture of chestnut and red – burgundy purple hair is most in harmony with the winter appearance with dark brown eyes, and pale skin.

Is Burgundy and Maroon the Same Color?

Maroon and Burgundy are not the same shade. Maroon has brown to red tints whereas burgundy contains purple to red.

Ripe Dark Cherry

The tandem of chocolate, purple, gold, and reddish undertones will accentuate the beauty of olive skin and dark gray eyes.

Cherry Covered in Chocolate

The elegance of chestnut with a hint of burgundy will suit all types.

Mulled Wine

A mixture of rich red with orange and purple strands will also suit everyone’s face.

Black Cherry

This one looks ideal for dyeing natural brown hair.

Wild Cherry

Red, shimmering with burgundy threads, is great for cold types and for skin with a pale olive tone.

Dark Ruby

Here we have bloody, turning into pink, then into black and burgundy. It will beautify everyone except spring types.

Brightness and Boldness of Burgundy Hair Color: 35 Best Solutions

Dark Garnet

This one refers to the dark part of the palette and suits the winter type. Ideal in combination with fair skin, green/blue eyes.

Dark Crimson

This can range from purple to muted reddish hues. Depends on the original hue.

Red Tree

This palette is very versatile – from rich brown to deep warm burgundy. Usually, women of more mature age choose it. It gives the image showiness, but at the same time, it is very picky about care and style.


A chestnut purple cocktail with red tints will brighten brunettes with any skin type.

Cool types should be given preference to brighter colors, and muted burgundy strands are suitable for a warm appearance.

Fiery Red

The brightest and most impulsive shade. At the same time, the most demanding for the condition of the hair.

Copper Red

Expressive, but devoid of aggression, red-chestnut color with red highlights is ideal for autumn type. It harmonizes with light tones of healthy skin without any imperfections.

Chocolate Red

A brown base with a scarlet tint, emphasizing the brightness of the autumn type of appearance. Looks especially harmonious with freckles and green eyes. The advantages include uniform staining and low care requirements.


Extraordinary, cocky. Recommended for young women with cold skin types. Women of mature age should treat him with caution. The pink color very well emphasizes both youth and age-related changes in the skin.

Brightness and Boldness of Burgundy Hair Color: 35 Best Solutions


The colder the type, the brighter the coloration can be. For warmer types of appearance, it is better to limit yourself to purple highlights or pay attention to lavender undertones.

Brightness and Boldness of Burgundy Hair Color: 35 Best Solutions


This is a celebration of autumn, creating a bright and at the same time delicate image with light skin tones, gray, green, or blue eyes.

How to Dye Your Hair Burgundy? A Step by Step Technique

Dyeing in burgundy is no different from coloring in any other shades. To do it at home, you will need a plastic paint bowl, paintbrush, comb, hair clips, gloves. Don’t forget to cover your clothes and protect the skin along the hairline – any oily cream will do.

Before starting dyeing, the hair must be divided into four to five sections.

They usually start from the lower section: in it, strands parallel to the parting are treated with the dye. This is how they work with all sections.

Then you need to massage your head so that the paint is better distributed and wait for the time indicated by the manufacturer. After all this, you wash off the dye.

Brightness and Boldness of Burgundy Hair Color: 35 Best Solutions

Brightness and Boldness of Burgundy Hair Color: 35 Best Solutions


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