What it Truly Takes to Be a Fashion Model


On May 30th and May 31st, the Models Guide Online Conference will be underway. The conference will feature keynote speeches, fireside chats, panel discussions, candid discussions and networking. The event is completely for models by models. Bridging beauty by embracing diversity with a global reach.

During this time of uncertainty, we are collectively changing and evolving how business as usual looks from day to day.

The Models Guide Online Conference answers the call of not only being creative, but also innovative.

With the help of forward thinking technology, fashion models and other industry enthusiast can enjoy the speakers and panelist from the comfort of your own home.

In the period of social distancing, this fills the void of not only disseminating information, but allows over 30 model speakers from different countries to participate right from their collective devices sharing their expertise.

The conference brings insight into career advancement by sharing personal fashion industry experiences.

The topics will cover entrepreneurship, leadership, finance, castings, runway, new faces, career development, international modeling, music, age and travel.

“It’s time to redefine what the fashion model is in the 21st century. With the fast evolution of the digital world, now more than ever, it is important to have smart, beautiful and technological people representing your brand. In the age of transparency, only those who are authentic can shine out above the sea of noise. Modeling taught me everything I need to know to become a successful entrepreneur. The age of the super model is over, the era of super role models is here. We are the future.”
— Anina Net, International Fashion Model & CEO of 360Fashion

What Fashion Models are Talking About

Keynote speeches allow for an in depth look into various topics concerning the industry as well as the solutions to navigate through them from a model’s perspective. Below is a glimpse of the keynote speakers and what will be addressed.

Anina Net – There is Life After Modeling
Cat Schuller – The Importance of Your Runway Walk
Cyrene Renee – Ageism and the Fashion Industry
Dale Noelle – Overview of the Modeling Industry
David Hand – The New Triple Threat
Elliot Carlyle – The Power of the Model Mind
Tony Jones – Catapulting a Male Model Career

Panel discussions are topics chosen by the conference speakers focusing on important subjects within the model community. The panel boards are made up of professional models in global the industry. Some of the themes are Model CEO’s, Starting Your Career, Freelance vs Agency, Hurry Up and Wait, Male Modeling and Model Moms to name a few. Fireside chats will touch on personal journeys, highlight how the models started in the fashion business, excelled and leverage their careers.

Fireside chats will feature From Body Dysmorphia to Male Model by Ryan Sheldon, From Engineer to Model CEO with Daphne Lucenet, Your Body is Your Business with Antonia Lu, Social Media and Model Marketing with Sarah Hamel-Smith and much more.

“Together we have the opportunity to make the modeling industry about the models. What I do on-set and on the runway is a fraction of what I can offer a brand.”
— David Hand, Fashion Model & Creative Director.

Technology Empowered VIP Party

In addition to the chats and speeches, there is a wonderful opportunity to network with the speakers and panelists associated with the conference. During the VIP Model Party featuring DJ Shiralee Colman is a great space to relax, ask questions, and gain further understanding of the models themselves. Another perk for the attendees includes various discounts, giveaways and freebees. Simply by attending a webinar, the viewers are automatically entered for a free prize. They include and not limited to consultations, free and discounted merchandise.

The Models Guide Conference is here to set the direction and the precedent giving models a voice while empowering and illuminating inspiration in others. Learn about the new normal of modeling as a business, how to keep clients and catapult your career.

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