What Is the Best Green Hair Dye?


There are a number of green hair dyes that are worth trying. Here, we will speak about two of them, that is probably the most popular. The first one is the Redken Color Fusion. It’s permanent having insane staying power. This permanent dye formulation is for all types of hair giving shine and manageability.

Ashen-Green-hair-color-colorful hair ideas

The second one is the Manic Panic semi-permanent green hair dye. It has high-quality ingredients. It is also absolutely vegan-friendly.

So, you can use it safe being sure that nothing bad will happen to your hair. It is also long-lasting, up to 6 weeks.

Green-hair-color-fantasy-hair-color-Green hair color-fantasy hair color

Green-hair-color-fantasy-hair-color-colorful-hair-ideas-for-autumns-fantasy hair color

Green-hair-color-fantasy-hair-color-colorful-hair-ideas-ocean-hair-colorful hair ideas

Green-hair-color-mermaid-fantasy-hair-color-colorful hair ideas

Lime Ombre

Green paired with black or blue is really amazing, but the light green ombre is definitely cool!

Green Hair Color: 24 Trendiest Color Options You Can Try

Gothic Mermaid

Mermaids are extremely attractive because they are so mysterious and elusive. Our mind paints a very vivid picture of these unearthly creatures when we think of them.

What will the mermaid’s hair look like? We’re pretty sure they’ll combine shades like green, blue, purple, and black.

Green Hair Color: 24 Trendiest Color Options You Can Try

Pink and Green Hair

It is not at all obligatory to combine only related shades using the balayage technique. If you feel like you can do this, you can try mixing the opposite hues like pink and green.

Green Hair Color: 24 Trendiest Color Options You Can Try


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