Top 10 Dresses You Should Have


The best way to have feminine and elegant look is to wear a dress. Actually all women should have dresses for any occasion because even the best style of pants doesn’t have that feminine impact. If you have decided to change your style and upgrade your wardrobe with cute dresses here is top 10 dresses you should have.


Little White Dress

This is one of the most important dresses you should have in your wardrobe because for this summer white is going to be very popular. Almost all labels have included white dresses in summer collections so make sure you find the one for you.

Mini Dress

If you have perfect body and sexy curves you need to show them wearing bold mini dress. Keep mini dress for special occasions and be sure you will have jaw dropping look.


Party Dress

For informal parties you can surely wear pants but nothing can be compared with glamorous party dress with embellishments. For party dress you can go for any color suitable for your complexion and do not forget about accessories.


Sheath Dress

For office outfit or business meeting you will need classy bodycon dress in subtle colors that will accentuate your femininity and elegance.


Shirt Dress

For more relaxed and casual look you can wear shirt dress that can be combined with leggings and flat shoes for sporty look.


Summer Maxi Dress

Summer is coming and what can look more beautiful than lightweight maxi dress with beautiful prints. For special occasion you can choose more formal style of dress and complete it with jewelry.


Floral dress

Another trend for this summer is floral prints. Floral printed dress be it short or long one will look adorable so you just ought to have one in your collection.


Tailored Dress

For office workers knee-length tailored dress is must. Tailored dress should be combined with classy high heel shoes, neat hairstyle and natural makeup.


Little Black Dress

Even if you are used to wear pants all the time I am sure that you have at least one little black dress in your wardrobe. It is the best option for any occasion be it business meeting, formal dinner or first date. 


Floor-length Gown

If you have picked all the above styles of dresses it is time to choose evening gown and keep it for special occasion. Floor length gown is the best one that will make you look luxurious and feminine.


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