These Are the Best-Selling Nail Polish Colors, From OPI to Essie


Nail trends come and go, but we all have that one polish shade we return to again and again. Whether it’s a goes-with-everything neutral or a party-ready glitter, the right nail polish is like a beloved recipe or worn-in tee: comforting, versatile, and always there for you when you need it.

Betina Goldstein nails

Often, our signature nail colors tend to have universal appeal, and best sellers are born. We were curious just how the top-selling polishes compared from brand to brand, so we reached out to 17 of our favorites to find out what bottles they can barely keep on shelves. And while some shades are the stuff of beauty legend at this point (ahem, Essie Ballet Slippers), more than a few are completely unexpected—and likely new to you. Keep scrolling to find out if your signature polish made the list and possibly discover a new mani shade along the way.

Pretty much the perfect red, this polish was inspired by Àuda.B founder Samara Walker’s grandmother as well as Michelle Obama.

Àuda.B Vegan Nail Polish

First introduced in 1982, Ballet Slippers is a favorite of royalty (it’s Queen Elizabeth II’s color of choice), celebs, and brides everywhere.

Essie Nail Polish

Now, this is worth celebrating: On average, one bottle of this confetti-like polish is sold every two minutes.

Orly Turn It Up

This classic pink is the most popular of the iconic brand’s hundreds of shade ranges. But don’t worry: Fellow faves like I’m Not Really a Waitress and Lincoln Park After Dark locked up spots in the top 20 too.

OPI Bubble Bath

Nails.Inc’s top seller is actually this fun set that includes three poppy neons and one neutral for contrast, all named for iconic London streets.

Neon nail polish

This three-in-one polish has a base coat and topcoat built right in. (And interestingly, the top seller for the brand’s Miracle Gel line, Get Mod, is also a bright white.)

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