The perfect swimsuit fit


Have you been wearing an old swimsuit for years because you dread shopping for a new one? Come to Lands’ End! We make bathing suits for every body type, and are happy to share insider tips for finding one that fits perfectly.

Always remember that a well-fitting swimsuit feels wonderful – if yours doesn’t, it’s not the right one for you. A suit should never pinch or shift uncomfortably every time you move. It also needs to support your chest without crushing your bosom or letting things sag.

The Perfect Swimsuit Fit

Full-busted women should ensure the straps on their suit don’t leave them with painful, red shoulders. If the straps keep slipping down, your suit is probably too large, so go a size smaller. You might also like the adjustable, stay-put straps on our tankini tops, which you can tweak until they’re just right.

There’s even a quick test you can perform to see how things fit in the chest. After putting a suit on, bend down and lean forward. If you start spilling out of it, try one in another size, or you might end up revealing a little more at the beach than you intended.

The bottom of your swimsuit should stay in place when you move; if it rides up, give it a pass. A pair of bikini briefs shouldn’t create a muffin top look or allow your tummy to spill over the front, either. Don’t forget: if you experience these issues, there’s nothing wrong with your body – it just means you just haven’t found a good suit yet.

Women who need mastectomy swimwear have a few special concerns when it comes to fit. To hide scars, choose a suit with a high neckline and small arm openings, but make sure it doesn’t have scratchy seams, which can irritate delicate skin. Try to find something without padding in the chest if you don’t wear prosthetics, or it might not look right.

If you’re having a hard time finding something that fits well on top and bottom, consider swim separates. That way, you can purchase different sizes according to your needs. This doesn’t mean you have to get a bikini, either – a tankini offers the same freedom, but much more coverage.

To get a better idea of fit, wear your smallest pair of underpants when trying on swimsuits. The larger the undies, the more bunching and twisting you’ll have under the suit. If you wear some tiny briefs though, or even a thong, they won’t get in the way as much.

Don’t stand still when evaluating a potential purchase, either. Jump, twist, bend and stretch to see how the suit will perform in real life. Fit can also vary from one style to another and between brands, so ignore the number on the tag and try on multiple sizes.

And remember, the best place to try on a swimsuit is the comfort of your own home. Order your swimsuits online and give them a go. At Lands’ End, every swimsuit purchase is Guaranteed. Period.® If you’re not happy, return it for an exchange or a refund.

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