The Biggest Nail Trends For Spring 2021


As we emerge from the darkness of winter, the year’s freshest season calls for us to lighten up. “Spring always brings an influx of pastel and bright shades after a season of muted deep tones,” says nail artist and JINsoon Nail Lacquer founder Jinsoon Choi. Known for her runway looks and sleek New York City salons, Choi knows at-home manicures are more popular than ever and encourages people to use this time away from the salon to their advantage.

The trend she loves most? Nail care. “Cuticle care is the key,” she adds “I always recommend pushing cuticles back rather than cutting to preserve the integrity of your nail bed and help fight off bacteria. Apply cuticle oil once a day (or more!) to keep your nail beds hydrated.”

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It’s time to bare down. “With COVID-19, many have turned to doing their nails themselves and it has resulted in an increase of nail care. Spring is a time of rebirth and growth. I think this will be interpreted on nails with a barely-there manicure.” Choi suggests giving your nails a break from gel and acrylics with sheer polishes. For a nail detox, she recommends the JINsoon HyperRepair treatment.

Pink is the color for spring 2021. “I think pink will be a stand out this upcoming season,” Choi says. Bubblegum took over runways last year, so don’t expect it to go away anytime soon. “Pinks were a popular choice amongst designers this past NYFW, I expect to see more bright tones like JINsoon Love incorporated in nail art and manicures.”

Don’t be afraid to reach for a few bottles of nail polish. “I think we will see a lot of nail art using a few different colors for a cool effect together, like flowers blooming in spring,” Choi says. Mix and match colors to create a bouquet-like manicure.

Unleash your inner Picasso at home. “I expect to see a reboot of the minimalistic line designs popular this past fall with bright spring shades,” Choi says. “This has been a huge year for nail art, everyone from the novice to advanced are trying new and fun looks.” Not a pro nail artist? Practice makes perfect.

Not feeling pink? Choi suggests trying a pretty lilac. “Shades like JINsoon Ube are so flattering on many skin tones and feel fresh, like new flowers in spring!” she says.

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