2014 Summer Collections

2014 Summer Fashion; Backless Dresses


Newest fashion trends include luxurious and unique dresses for real fashionistas. For this summer designers represented new examples of backless dresses that have greater impact than bold décolleté. For 2014 summer several brands presented backless dresses so if you love such impressive images you can learn how to wear backless dress and how to choose perfect style.


The first problem that you can face when choosing backless dress is underwear. Depending on the style of dress you can choose bra with low clasp or the one going around the neck. The best option is silicone bra that will support breast with any additional details. Surely such bra is not suitable for big and medium size breasts. There are some styles of dresses that can be worn without bra or with nipple covers but make sure you will not look too provocative or vulgar.