Sport coat and blazer wearing trends 2021


The difference between men’s sports jackets and blazers is not so significant; more precisely, blazer is a kind of sport coat – a solid, mostly navy blue sport coat, usually with metal buttons and patch pockets.  Sports jacket is more general notion, which determines men’s sport coat that is worn separately from suit, and combined with different, often opposite color and style menswear parts. Sport coat and blazer wearing trends 2021

Following jackets and blazers wearing styles will be in trend 2021

In most cases, men’s sport coat is worn with classic blue jeans. This combination can already be considered as a classic of casual style. Shirt, sweater, jumper or T-shirt are usually worn under the jacket. It depends on the weather and style you want to create. Sport coat and blazer wearing trends 2021

  • Blue jeans with a white or light blue shirt with sport coat is best business option. Shirt, typically worn without a tie, although a choice with tie is also acceptable.
  • The combination of jacket with shorts quite unusual, but this trend is gaining momentum.
  • Sweater, jumper or turtleneck under a sport coat with jeans is typical casual style. There may be many options and all of them are acceptable with proper selection of color.
  • It is possible to receive another look, wearing a sports jacket with a men’s turtleneck. Sweater with high turtleneck certainly eliminates the use of scarf, it is misplaced at any perspective, but the overall view becomes far more brutal and courageous. Sport coat and blazer wearing trends 2021


Blazers were originally yacht clubs members attribute that is the main reason why the dark blue blazer is thought-out as classic; it involves the creation of “marine” style. Perfect combination for a dark blue blazer would be white or light beige slacks and monotonous, usually white shirt.


Regardless of what you plan to carry on a sports jacket, with jeans or pants, if possible select not wide pants. Sports jacket is usually somewhat narrowed, because it should form trim, slim, “sport” silhouette. Accordingly, the lower part of the silhouette must harmonically continue the top.

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