Short Wedding Dresses


Wedding is a very special moment in every girl’s life and everything should be perfect. When thinking of wedding dress we immediately imagine a luxurious ball gown with lace details and shiny embellishments and this style is may be the most popular one. Still looking through the latest trends we can see that many details have been changed. Popular designer houses now represent quite bold and nontraditional wedding dresses for the lovers of experiments. One of such styles is short wedding dress that is quite trendy today.


Short wedding dress is the hottest and boldest solution and before choosing such image you should be a 100% sure that you can pull off such image. Before choosing short wedding dress learn some style tips on how to wear short wedding dress and only then try it.

Like any other garment short wedding dress should be suitable for your figure. As it places the accent on legs you should have beautiful legs and delicate figure. If you have perfect figure you can even go for short mini dress with bold décolleté that will look simply jaw dropping. Surely such type of dress will be suitable for nontraditional wedding.

Short wedding dress is perfect for retro image. If you are planning to have retro wedding make sure you choose all accessories. Complete your dress with retro hairstyle like finger wavy up-do and retro headpiece.

Accessory has very special role no matter you have chosen short or traditional wedding dress. For shoes you can pick heels with lace details or sandals. For crazy look you can combine white dress with bright colored belt.


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