Shackets Fall Trend 2022- How You Style Trendy Shirt Jackets


Shackets, a mix of shirt and jacket, is THE fashion trend in autumn. How to style trendy shirt jackets: 4 suggestions we have not committed ourselves. Shacket is the combination of the words shirt and jacket. A shirt jacket is meant. Sounds half as fancy, doesn’t it? Hence the new name for the megatrend of autumn. The cozy shackets are currently the most popular fashion items. As soon as a new model hits stores, it sells out in no time. We’ll show you different variants and reveal how you can stylishly combine shackets.

What exactly are shackets?
As already mentioned, a shacket is a mixture of shirt and jacket, cut like a shirt, but usually made of thicker material or even lined.

Shackets are as diverse as the colorful autumn leaves. They are available in plain colors, checked in a lumberjack look, in leather look, but also with details such as pearls or a tie belt.

The great thing about the trend piece is that you can combine shackets with anything, depending on the model. Need some inspiration? Then please read on:

Variant 1: casual layered look

With monochrome shackets, there are no styling limits. They just go with everything. Light colors such as gray, beige, or lilac are great because you can easily combine them. But black or brown are also perfect for autumn.

For a layered look with the oversized shirt, warm turtlenecks or the new fall trend of tank tops in combination with a blouse are suitable. You can find out here how you can combine a tank top.

Variant 2: Cozy outdoor style

If this model isn’t screaming for a perfect autumn transition jacket, then we don’t know either. The wool keeps you cozy and warm on an autumn walk in the park. Go with a casual look with blue jeans and cowboy boots.

Variant 3: Shirt jacket in extra length

As you have already noticed, Shackets are also available in a long version. Perfect as a lighter alternative to a wool coat! As shown here, jeans, sneakers, and a casual belly swap match.

Also cool: leave the jacket open and wear a knitted dress underneath. Looks super cool! You can find many great autumn dresses here.

Variant 4: Shacket as a blazer replacement

You can also use your shacket as a jacket. In combination with boots or boots and boot-cut jeans, you can create a great autumn look for a stroll through town.

Do you like things a little more casual? Then try pulling a hoodie underneath. Looks sporty but stylish.

Shackets are the coolest transition jackets this season and should definitely not be missing in your wardrobe. If you are looking for more fashion inspiration for autumn, you will find it here.

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