Scarf Trend Winter 2016


Scarf Trend Winter 2016.Fashion accessories have their own charm and almost become a primary item of clothing. One such popular, comfortable, stylish and warm accessory that will make your winters smile is infinity scarf.Also called a cowl, a shrug or a snood, the infinity scarf is a flashy-cum-cozy way of giving a cold shoulder to the wintry winds. Whether it is the Alaskan winds or the penguin-loving land of Antarctica, infinity scarves are there to bring in bold colours to your winter outfits.scarf-trend-winter-2016-7

Whenever you are thinking of how to wear an infinity scarf, the options available are so many that you will end up forgetting the chill. Drape the circle shaped scarf around your dainty neck, or wear it as a shawl.scarf-trend-winter-2016-4 scarf-trend-winter-2016-1 scarf-trend-winter-2016-2 scarf-trend-winter-2016-3When it comes to ways to tie an infinity scarf, you can even style it as a top, skirt or dress. In short, there is so much to experiment with on how to wear an infinity scarf.Read Ways to Wear An Infinity Scarf and you will be surprised how much they go that extra mile in giving you lovable patterns and styles when you are standing up against the chill.scarf-trend-winter-2016-5 scarf-trend-winter-2016-6 scarf-trend-winter-2016-8 scarf-trend-winter-2016-9 scarf-trend-winter-2016-10When fur crops up, winter is nigh hand at hand. Fur might work wonders, really, providing so many feelings and emotions with a single stroke – warmth, comfort, caress, flirt and goodness knows what else. Fashion diverted from traditional black or brown fur long ago bravely playing with all the shades possible. Cases in point are the fall/ winter 2016-2017 accessory trends that have left us with saucer-eyed at all those fur scarves, stoles and tails in abundance.

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