Pack Your Things for Vacation


Summer is perfect time for vacation and unforgettable moments on a beach. Your vacation starts from packing things; your days and mood depends on things you have taken with you (I really mean it). Knowing what to take on a vacation is a must because if you have forgotten something you will have to spend extra money. This guideline will help you to pack your thing for vacation.


First thing you should do is to choose separates that can be matched; choose two skirts, pair of jeans and three tops that can be worn from day to night. You can also pick two dresses for nightouts.

Do not take with you cheap things that will take space in luggage and it is more likely that you will not use them during vacation.

If you have picked less clothing you should pay greater attention to accessories. It doesn’t mean you should take everything you have; choose scarves, necklaces, bracelets and handbag that can be matched with clothing you have already picked.

Pay special attention to underwear. It won’t take much space so you can take several types.


What about makeup? The very first thing to know is to take only those items that you will use. Don’t take heavy makeup products like matte foundation; instead you can replace it with tinted moisturizer that will nourish skin and at the same time give tone.

At last, let’s talk about hair accessories. You need to be beautiful with gorgeous hairstyle but it will be better if you keep to no heat hairstyles. If you have long hair you can easily create beautiful beach waves by braiding hair and there is no need to take curling iron with you.


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