Middle-Parted Lob


A middle-parted lob is what appears in women’s minds when they think of classic haircuts for women. While being pretty simple and unpretentious, as well as low-maintenance, these haircuts are extremely versatile in terms of styling. Well, that’s what makes them classic – they have an approach to every liking. Middle parting works for all face shapes, making the face more attractive visually. As for the length, it’s long enough to create defined and well-shaped waves and short enough to not outweigh the hair. In other words, you can’t go wrong with this cut.

Messy Middle Parted Lob #haircutsforwomen #womenhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircut

Angled Bob

How about you to add some character to your haircut? When you want to make your silhouette more precise and sharp-looking, angled bob comes in. It’s amazingly pointed and dramatic structure brings a great visual to the look, no matter how thin or thick your hair is. On wavy hair, it makes the waves even more effortless and distinctive; on straight locks, it provides edginess.

Middle Parted Lob #haircutsforwomen #womenhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircut
Blonde Angled Bob #haircutsforwomen #womenhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircut
Auburn Angled Bob #haircutsforwomen #womenhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircut
Angled Bob #haircutsforwomen #womenhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircut

Blunt Lob

Let’s be honest, sometimes we just want to take a shortcut and find classic haircuts for women that works for everyone. And this haircut is called blunt lob. Why is it so good? It makes you look more statuesque, by elongating your neck. This is the haircut for those who seek noble and elegant looks. Also, the blunt lob is the most popular among all the hairstyles for 50-year-old women with long hair because it can return damaged hair to healthy.

It’s not a secret that women with long hair tend to use a straightener a lot, and the older we are the less sustainable our hair is. It’s a one-size medium haircut, so once you cut your hair to this length, you will get a versatile haircut and get rid of stringy ends. Keep in mind that when looking for hairstyles for round faces, you can stop at the blunt lob: it’s even more beneficial than you expect. We nearly forgot: it doesn’t take a lot of money to get this cute haircut!

Blunt Lob picture2
Blunt Lob picture3


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