Men’s padded jacket trends winter


Men’s padded jackets identified by several options at winter 2015-2016 men’s fashion shows. Designers always liked working with this convenient and practical wardrobe item.

80’s fashion trends has returned and voluminous men’s padded jackets in this style will be very helpful. Most models have hood, and the length comes to the hips. Quilted bomber jacket as well present men’s padded jacket trends winter 2016, which can be combined with sport and classic style.

Men’s Fashion trends Fall Winter 2015-2016 offering padded jackets in biker style with an oblique buckle, quilted bomber jackets with a collar look like shirt or blazer jacket.

There are also elongated models with hood and large pockets. Multilayered jackets will remain in a trend; therefore, many models are made of two parts or simulate wearing vests.


Pink in all its shades has made a lot of noise. However, if the woman like color is not for you, designers advise to get men’s padded jacket blue, turquoise, and wine, brown, beige and black color. The palette is exquisite and versatile, remains only to choose a shade you are loved and use it to create a definite note and emphasize the image.


Because of a layer of warm and lightweight fluff, men’s padded jackets 2016 perfectly retain heat; they are lightweight and durable and jacket’s top fabric protected against snow and moisture.


As most durable are considered men’s down coats made from goose, duck, swan and eiderdown fluff. The most recent innovation is men’s down coats from padding polyester. It possesses the properties of fluff and does not cause allergic reactions.


Sleeveless padded jackets are next trend in Men’s padded jackets winter 2016, which are very practical in use. All bright colors are fashionable, will give playful and gentle shape even to the dark blouse.


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