Men wedding suits trends 2021


Best wedding suits trends 2021 are impeccable suits, elegant prom tuxedos and classic coats. Give preference to expensive fabrics and wool, classic colors. Pay attention at strip and cell, original colors will create a unique image.


Men wedding suits trends 2021

Bow ties for men


Timeless classic that has become a modern accessory. Bright colors bow ties for men will thin classic image of the groom at a wedding.


White bow ties are in trend

White bow ties will make aristocratic any men’s wedding suit. If you want to emphasize your elegance at your wedding day, then select a white bow tie or tie, depending on the suit model.


If you add small nice flower on the groomsmen suits, it will sparkle with new colors. Select the flower of the same colors as the bridal bouquet, and your wedding images will be perfectly combined.


Without ties and bow ties


For a summer wedding, you can give up the ties and bow ties, and choose a summer version of the groomsmen suits. Give preference to light shades .


Light unshaven

If you look every day so, and it is part of your image, you should not give it up.


Features of selection Wedding suits for men 2021

Avant-garde or Classics?


Nowadays designers present even avant-garde groomsmen suits, in modern disco style. It is even possible to combine jacket and trousers made from different colors and textures.

There is not a lot of variants of the classic trousers, but for the top of wedding suit a huge number of variations; single-breasted or double-breasted jacket, prom tuxedo, long frock coat, vest, frock coat or 3 piece suit.


Traditionally, the colors of groomsmen suits should exactly match the current season, but now almost no one adhere this rule. Light shades (silver, beige, white, gray and sand) are typical for spring and summer time, and dark colors (graphite, black, brown or blue) for the harsh winter and autumn time.


Very important is shirt and tie color for the groom, because they should be in harmony with the bridesmaid dress. With white bridesmaid dress, white shirt with bright tie would look best. With champagne dresses will fit shirt in similar shades with tie in calm colors.


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