Long Nail Designs Summer 2021


Long Nail Designs Summer 2021.Long nails can be intimidating for some, but to us, they’re just a fun blank canvas waiting to be turned into something magnificent. Whether you currently have long nails, are thinking about growing your nails out, or considering nail extensions, we’ve rounded up some of the top nail designs for long nails that will turn your next manicure into a conversation starter and a trending post on Instagram!

1. Daisy French Mani

You can never go wrong with a French manicure, and long nails make it easier than ever to nail this look – pun definitely intended! Twist it up by opting for a color other than white for the nail tip, and then add in floral nail art for a fresh and modern effect.

2. Floral Check

Florals and nails go together, sure, but what about gingham checks? Long nails look unique with this play on color and prints. To nail the look, choose two nails for the print and keep it with a white-accented check, so it stays bright.

3. Fresh Summer Long Nail Designs

Who says that all of your nails have to carry the same hue or designs? Long nail designs look excellent, with each nail serving as an individual palette that works alone and together. Go wild and have fun with colors!

4. For the Cowgirls

Cow prints don’t have to be limited to black and white or brown and white, and this gorgeous long nail design proves why. An off-white nail polish serves as the backdrop for bold olive green, taupe, and periwinkle blue-accented cow prints.

5. Get Geometric

Negative space and geometric designs look great on anyone, but with long nails, you’ve got more space to work with. Start with a clear base coat, choose two colors, and use nail tape to create the separation. To really up the ante, switch up the color combos on each nail.

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