JEWELRY TRENDS IN WINTER 2016-2017.It’s not secret, most of us dress for the weather. No matter what stylists say, but we always choose comfort and functionality as the main factors. No one wants to get cold, right? So, when the temperature drops we all bundle up. Sure, we all want to save our style, but sometimes it seems hard to be done. Today I decided to make this post and talk about winter jewelry and how to wear in in cold days. I have picked my favorite street style images to show you my favorite ways on how to wear fine jewelry this winter. Read on to fin out

As you can see, silvery bangles looks perfect styled with windowpane printed blue shirt. But you can try on one dangle earring and make it the center of everyone’s attention.As you can see, there are lots of awesome ways on how to make jewelry look perfect on you, no matter if you are fully bundled up in warm pieces. Believe me, all these beautiful tips and tricks gonna help you stay on tone and on jewelry-trends-in-winter-2016-2017-1 jewelry-trends-in-winter-2016-2017-2 jewelry-trends-in-winter-2016-2017-3 jewelry-trends-in-winter-2016-2017-4 jewelry-trends-in-winter-2016-2017-5 jewelry-trends-in-winter-2016-2017-6 jewelry-trends-in-winter-2016-2017-7Believe me, you wont sacrifice with your style, as I’ve got cool pics of ladies who appear on the streets wearing stunning rings, bracelets, earrings, bangles, necklaces that look unbelievably cool one their skin and layers. For instance, there are awesome ways of layering your favorite necklaces. All you need to know what type of jewelry is going to work on you. Anyway, I bring you my compilation of awesome ways wearing beautiful jewelry during winter time. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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