Jewelry for Your Skin Tone


The secret of attractive and stylish look is right chosen clothing, accessories, makeup and hairstyle. In fact, this is a serious problem especially today when there are so many examples to choose. But don’t worry, with beauty guidelines you will learn how to match details and look perfect. At this time we will find out ways to choose accessories for skin tone.


Before talking about main tips let’s remember that no matter what type and color you choose you should take care of jewelry in order to keep it in perfect look for a long time. Keep them away from water and don’t forget to apply light coat of clear nail polish; this trick will keep the color longer. Make sure you don’t have any allergic reaction on chosen jewelry.

First thing you need to do is to determine your skin tone. There are two types of skin tones warm and cool and each of them have undertones. The key trick to match jewelry with skin tone is to choose cool shades of accessories for cool skin and warmer tones for warm skin.


Next aspect that you should take into consideration is your face shape. It is important especially when choosing earrings. For heart-shaped face you need to choose drop types of earrings. Round or square face shape will look oval and more feminine with rectangle earrings. Oval face shape will look cute with drop types and angular shapes.

For cool skin tones metal accessories in silver, platinum and white gold will look amazing. White pearls, diamonds are perfect embellishments. Pink, blue, mint, magenta will complement cool skin tone.

For warmer skin tone you can pick gold, copper, brass and pewter accessories. For embellishments golden and coral tones will be perfect. Warm skin will look glowing with brown, orange, green, yellow, peachy, and turquoise.

choosing_jewelry_according_to_skin_tones_fashionisers choosing_the_best_jewelry_according_to_skin_tones_fashioniserschoosing_the_best_jewelry_according_to_your_skin_tone_fashionisers

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