How to Wear a Pareo


It is summer and it is beach season. Women rush the stores looking for the best swimwear and beachwear pieces. Fortunately there are so many brands and designers who offer the best swimwear for beauty bunnies. From this versatility you will easily find the most suitable one for you figure. Today we are not going to talk about swimsuits; instead we will talk about a detail of beachwear that will arm you with several tricks to look sexy and elegant. Probably you have got pareo but I am sure you don’t know the secrets of wearing it. Check them out.


Pareo is a big kerchief that is tied around hips like a skirt. In many cultures pareo was a part of national clothing. In Tahiti, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, India and Indonesia pareo (it surely had other name) people had different ways of tying pareo and they surely have influence on modern fashion. 

The most popular way of wearing pareo is tying it on hips and wearing it as a maxi skirt. Wearing pareo in a style of sundress is next best option that can serve as beachwear. All you need to do is to wrap pareo around the back, place the ends in the middle of the chest, twist the edges and make a halter around neck.


If you have short pareo you can wear it like a top or swimsuit that will look really cool and creative. Another cool and unimaginable way of wearing pareo is shorts. This trick is meant to acentuate your legs and make you look taller.


Besides of being so stylish and elegant pareo is very optional. It is the best way to hide imperfections like belly or cellulite. When choosing pareo try to find the one that will be a perfect match to swimsuit. Contrastive colors will look smashing.


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