How To Use Hot Rollers on Long Hair and Many More Things You Need to Know


How to use hot rollers on long hair will be about several things to prepare and to focus since some women find it is inconvenient to prepare it themselves. In fact, there will be easy step you can follow to get the best look with hot rollers. You will soon find how to use hot rollers on long hair in easier way you can have than ever. Using hot rollers will be very convenient when you know how to use it properly. The secret of hot rollers is that they are activated by either steam or hot coils. However, hot rollers will work quite the same. The other details related to hot rollers that you need know is that it will have kind of various shape and sizes. Since you will work with long hair, larger hot rollers are recommended.

How to Use Hot Rollers on Long Hair

Though it might be quite simple preparation you need before you can use hot rollers, it will be very important to follow How to Use Hot Rollers on Long Hair to help you during the process of curling your hair. There will be four things you need to help you during the process of curling hair. They are large hot rollers, bobby pins, hairspray and comb. Those are four things which will be very important to help you get the right curling style you want. Following are further step you will do to get curls on your hair. It will not be that difficult as long as you follow the step thoroughly.

Further on Steps to Use It

First, you need your hair dry before you can roll it. It’d better for you to wash your hair first. Still you need to make sure your hair is dry after you wash it with fully blow dry before beginning. At this very first step, you can prepare your rollers to be heated. Second, in this next step you can start to prepare section your long hair into three different parts of top, sides and bottom. Though it might be intended for long hair only, it will also helpful for all hair. Following this second step, you will find much easier and much convenient application of hot rollers.

Long Hair and Many More Things

Third, you can start to take a 1-inch wide strand of your hair. Next, spritz this part of your hair lightly. Now you can take the rollers and place it at the root of your hair. You can start to roll your hair inward toward your scalp and again spritz it with hairspray. You can repeat this step until you are finished with those three sections of your hair rolled. Fourth, you need to wait until it is completely cooled off before you can remove the hot rollers. Flipping your hair upside down will also be the best advice you can have after you are finished with hot rollers. You can also give it a bit good shake for the best shape. You can try to set your hair with your fingers and add it with spritz so that it will hold the curls.

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