Dresses for Wedding


Wedding is a big day not only for bride and groom but also for guests who get the chance to wear the most luxurious dresses and accessories. It is some kind of contest; who will wear the best dress and you will gain more compliments. In order to be the best with your image you should know how to choose wedding dress and accessory.


The most important thing to be done is to stay away from white dresses. White is the color of bride and you’d better not to try to look like a bride; she will not appreciate it.

If it is beach wedding you can wear more relaxed and glamorous style. It can be elegant dress in Greek style but for formal wedding in a very special place you should keep to dress code.


Elegant cocktail dress is the best option for formal occasions like wedding. Stay away from too provocative styles because having eye catching look doesn’t mean wearing too short or too bold décolleté. Choose classy style that will always look stylish and when looking through the pictures after a few years your dress will still look beautiful.


Another importing thing that can make you look attractive is proper accessory completing your dress and shoes. Again keep to minimalistic styles and do not choose too heavy and massive accessories.

Red and black colors are perfect for wedding. Ethereal little black dress will always look fantastic no matter how many years will pass.

What about shoes? Surely classy and elegant evening dress requires high heels but if you are going to dance all night long you’d better have a pair of falt shoes that will save you.







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