Clothes to Avoid after 35


A woman is really beautiful and attractive if only she knows how to use her natural beauty and how to make it even more eye catching. Sometimes women make mistakes choosing not age appropriate clothing and this is one of the factors that can ruin look. There are some designs that should be avoided after 35 and if you keep those rules in mind you will always have heartbreaking look.


Jeans are very popular and optional. Right chosen jeans will look elegant and stylish but there is A style that should be avoided. No matter how sexy ripped jeans look you should avoid it. On the other hand, you can choose boyfriend jeans for casual look.

Cropped tops are the hottest trend of 2014 summer and they look really gorgeous. Alas, stylists offer to stay away from cropped tops for women over 35. Even if you have perfect body you should hide cropped tops in your wardrobe or wear them only on a beach.



Text prints are very popular this year but too big text prints are not age appropriate. There are really provocative text prints but keep them for youngsters and choose more elegant prints and patterns.

Another bold style that you should skip is mini skirt. Just like the above mentioned styles mini skirt is too bold for you. Try to choose classy styles like pencil skirt or knee length skirt.

Sheer fabrics are very popular this summer but again transparent clothing is too bold for you. If you really want to wear sheer clothing try to find the one with sheer panels that don’t demonstrate your underwear.

If chosen in proper combination animal prints will look very elegant and stylish but too much printing will look vulgar. You can keep animal printed garments for special occasions but don’t forget to be careful.


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