Chiara Ferragni & Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag Campaign


One of the latest collaborations brought into fashion fantastic collection of stylish and trendy handbags. The collaboration of Louis Vuitton and famous Chiara Ferragni had a success and as a result they represented Soft Lockit Bag campaign.


Andrew Arthur was the photographer who created line of beautiful pictures where both beauty bunny and accessories are pictured in the best way. The theme for new campaign was chosen romantic flair and campaign represented scenes in the garden full of flowers as well as street looks that show an image of modern and independent woman.

Let’s begin with the image of Chiara Ferragni. For campaign hair stylists created lovely braided up-do hairstyle with pleated strands wrapped around forehead. Messy look gave her image more natural and feminine look. Natural makeup completed her image. For outfit designers chose several looks like sky blue dress, white skirt combined with blue shirt and orange skinny pants completed with white shirt.


What about Louis Vuitton handbags? For Soft Lockit Bag campaign designers represented line of brand new handbags that will surely have special place in the history of designer house. The line includes middle sized comfy handbags that are meant to complete both elegant and classy outfit.

Color palette of handbags is subtle that makes collection even more optional; you can combine it with bright and monochrome clothing as well as with printed garments. The line includes luxurious fuchsia bag and several styles in light and pale tones of pink and cream.







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