Top 13 Brightest Steampunk Hairstyles to Look Classy and Awesome


The steampunk hairstyles are one of the most interesting and experimental moments in creating an image. Wigs, overhead strands, coloring, colored accents, a wide variety of colors from bright red to turquoise – all these details help to complement your image. The steampunk look is more suitable for costume photoshoots and events than for everyday wear. However, no one will be surprised if some of its elements are introduced into the casual style in the coming years.


Brightness and Boldness of Burgundy Hair Color


All the possible shades and tints of burgundy hair color are bright, attracting, daring, and original. They look very impressive, but there are several subtleties when dying your hair in this pigment. For a winter look, the shades of burgundy and cherry are suitable. For an autumn look, it is better for girls to dye their hair in mahogany.


A pure burgundy color suits both appearances.

For the summer and spring appearance, coloring in burgundy will not work except for ombre burgundy. Blondes should abandon the burgundy – it makes them unnaturally pale. Highlighting with red strands is suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women.

Choosing a hair dye is not an easy decision, indeed. Especially when it is about bright, extraordinary coloring.

The complex union of red and brown can inspire admiration. But how to choose a shade so that it looks harmonious, and does not drown out your image, taking on a leading role?

Let’s consider some variants and choose the most suitable for you.

Brightness and Boldness of Burgundy Hair Color: 35 Best Solutions

Outstanding Features of Burgundy Hair Color

Rubies, expensive wine, and women who know their own worth – such associations are caused by the burgundy. It is chosen by sensual, energetic, purposeful, and decisive people.

If a woman is rather extravagant and temperamental, dark burgundy hair color will obviously be present in her image or wardrobe.

Brightness and Boldness of Burgundy Hair Color: 35 Best Solutions
Brightness and Boldness of Burgundy Hair Color: 35 Best Solutions

Burgundy Hair Color Chart

This versatile hue can be very different: cold and warm, light and dark.

It has so many nuances that only a professional colorist can easily find the right shade for almost any appearance!

What Is the Best Burgundy Hair Dye for Dark Hair?

Dark maroon hair, close to very dark brown, is ideal for brunettes. Long dark hair need not be dyed entirely burgundy. However, thin strands of the desired shade will add interesting play to the hairstyle.

Do You Need to Bleach Your Hair to Dye It Burgundy?

Usually, any significant discoloration on such hair requires serious bleaching. If you want to achieve bright burgundy shades on fairly dark hair, then get ready to bleach it.

However, for maroon hair, you don’t have to bleach your hair. Just a slight lightening is enough for the red shades to play on dark curls.

Light Burgundy Hair Color

Light shades of burgundy, almost red, are ideal for fair-skinned girls with green and blue eyes. If the hair is long, these shades look even more luxurious.

Bright Shades

Both burgundy on its own and burgundy hair with highlights, for example, balayage look great. In this case, it is better to choose bright burgundy tones in order to achieve the effect of fiery tips.

Different Lengths of Hair

Hair of different lengths looks splendid with burgundy hair dyeing.

This shade always makes the hair look more voluminous.
Although there are fashion trends for each hair length, it is much more important how the tone matches your appearance.


Brightness and Boldness of Burgundy Hair Color: 35 Best Solutions

A short haircut assumes mono-dyeing of hair, it is nearly impossible to play with shades in this case.
A pixie haircut is very daring combined with burgundy dye.


For medium-length haircuts, both one shade and burgundy hair with highlights or ombre burgundy are relevant. Dark roots and light strands look really original.


Long silky strands or curly hair simply have to sparkle and shimmer. The effect is achieved both with different shades and mono-coloring.

Brightness and Boldness of Burgundy Hair Color: 35 Best Solutions


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