Burberry Prorsum Resort Collection


Burberry Prorsum resort collection is no longer a conception; you can already enjoy the line of fashionable designs and find some really noteworthy pieces for new season. New collection is all about romantic vibes so get ready for a high dose of femininity and elegance together with Burberry Prorsum.


First thing that catches attention is creative word prints that give youthful touch to elegant designs. Winds & Showers”, “Explore and Adventure”, The Orchard” and many other prints will take you far to a new world full of colors. Unlike previous collection for resort collection Christopher Bailey chose totally new approach and details that are combined with brands traditional motifs. 

Burberry Prorsum collection can be divided into three lines; first one includes stylish and colorful garments, second one represents line of handbags and tha last one offers amazing shoes that complete collection.


What is included in the first line? For new season brand offers collection of elegant coats and jackets, shirts, blouses and skirts. Did you notice that there are no pants or any other masculine detail? Let me repeat it; Burberry Prorsum resort collection is all about romantic styles and no masculine detail is acceptable here.

Color palette is just as amazing as styles. Collection represents mixture of colors like subtle creamy, brown to navy blue, gray and green. Besides of text prints garments have beautiful prints and patterns like ombre one on several coats and dresses.

Another amazing thing about Burberry Prorsum resort collection is versatility of fabrics. Transparent fabrics look sexy and very cool but if you are looking for something creative you can choose fish-skin skirt or ruffles for flirty look.




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