Black and Gold Nail Designs You Should Be Wearing Rn


Listen, I love a bright color on my nails. Neon green? Yes, please. Warm red polish all summer long? You know I’m going there. But honestly, sometimes I just want something that feels a little fancier than my regular color palette. That’s why I’m extremely excited to introduce you to my new favorite nail trend: black and gold nails.

on the left, a hand with black and gold nails and gold rings on a white background, and on the right, a hand with matte black and gold nails on a light brown and white wood background

In the After Times, there are no rules for glam, and black and gold are no longer just reserved for NYE. They’re for when you want an extra touch of luxe on your fingertips, for when you’re attending your first post-COVID party, or for when you’re literally on the couch half re-watching Bridgerton (for those scenes) and half stalking your ex on IG.

There are endless variations—like black with gold chrome or glossy black with gold foil—and they are the perfect way to level up your manicure game. Need I say more? Ahead, 30 of the prettiest black and gold nails that I ~curated~ just for you (told you I was fancy), all of which will have you booking your next appointment immediately.

These black and gold nails are the most luxe cow print you could imagine, and the white nail polish base adds a whole new level of depth to this design. Though it looks hella complex, you can definitely DIY this manicure by painting one layer at a time (neutral base, then the white tips, then the black and gold spots), making sure to let each coat dry thoroughly.

The best thing about slanted French tips is how they truly elongate the nails, especially if you’re already working with a coffin shape. When you get tips, you really want to work on protecting them for as long as possible so they actually last (think: wearing gloves to do the dishes and being extra gentle when opening the car door—IYKYK).

The key to making this gold foil pop on these black and gold nails is to lay it on top of a matte nail polish. Start with a neutral base, paint black French tips for a third of the nail, and let it dry. Then, carefully place the foil flakes on a layer of still-wet matte top coat and cover with one last layer to seal it all up.

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