Best Male Images from Hollywood


We are used to talk about women totally ignoring men and men’s fashion. Let’s try to correct mistakes and talk a little about the best male images from Hollywood. Why Hollywood? Celebrities will always be the best source of inspiration especially for those who are meant to go for style changes.


Jared Leto

Jared Leto is one of the best well-dressed men in Hollywood who is known with his unique style. More often he chooses pieces and accessories in rock and roll style that looks perfect with his long hair. 


Johnny Depp

Girls, try not to faint because here comes Johnny with his hard-to-resist-charisma and elegance. No matter he is wearing a tuxedo or denim he looks breathtaking.


John Hamm

John Hamm is an ideal icon of retro style with polished hairstyle and striking smile. He is included in this list with his unique sense of gallantry.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph offers modern and elegant style where contrastive colors are mixed in an unimaginable way. For red carpet events he chooses both casual and formal styles.


Justin Timberlake

There is no doubt that Just Timberlake is one of the most popular names in Hollywood. He inspires millions with his unique style and the way of matching accessories and definitely he should be in this list of best dressed men. 


Matthew McConaughey

This name has become the most popular one in past years and day by day he becomes more and more popular not only with his talent but also with his style.


Pharrell Williams

Oh that hat! His iconic hat is known all over the world but Pharrell looks perfect without that hat too.


Brad Pitt

We couldn’t forget about Brad Pitt who was among the best dressed celebrities long before there were any charts.


Bradley Cooper

The unoque ability of mixing elegant and formal garments with more relaxed and casual details is one of Bradley’s talents.


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