Best Fabrics for Summer


We all love summer, sun and hot weather and we do enjoy summer days especially if we are wearing proper clothing. Wearing short or top doesn’t mean you will feel comfortable; if clothing is made of non-proper fabrics you will have discomfort. There are several types of fabrics perfectly suitable for summer; you should know them and keep in mind when going for shopping.


Before talking about types keep in mind that the best summer fabrics should be natural and lightweight. Such fabrics will make skin breath so that you will not sweat.


The best type of fabrics for summer is cotton that will make your skin breath. When choosing cotton clothing make sure it is not too thick otherwise you will not be able to wear it on hot weather.



Linen is more expensive than cotton but it is more suitable for summer than cotton. Linen shirt or top will make you feel comfortable. The only trouble about linen is ironing.


Rayon is made of purified cellulose. It goes through chemical treatment and it is less natural than other fabrics. It will keep its shape even if you sweat.



This is completely natural fabric made of cotton fibers and it is much lighter than cotton, therefore more suitable for summer. Its wrinkly appearance will set you free from hard ironing.


It is lightweight crêpe fabric that is close to chiffon but it is more suitable for summer as it is easy to wear.


Jersey is a knitted fabric that is made of wool, cotton and synthetic fibers. This fabric will be suitable for draped garments.


Pure silk is perfect for summer as it will make air circulate properly thus making you feel comfortable.


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