Best Colors for Blondes


Your style is a unique and may be the only way to emphasize your personality and make right impression (I am talking about first impression). The ability to choose proper design, color and details is a real talent. Together we will investigate all the latest trends as well as go for style tips that will help you to learn how to find your style.

Today we will talk about best clothing colors for blondes. Hair color has great importance and you should definitely take this factor into consideration when choosing garments.



For elegant look blondes can choose light tones of gray and pastel shades. Garments in those shades will be suitable for office outfit.



Black is hot and no more words! Black is suitable for all hair colors. You can choose black evening dress, black suit, black pants and anything you want and you will surely look uber-hot.


Blue and Pink

Blondes just adore wearing pink. They look so cute and this is the best color to look like a real doll. For blue you can choose denim pieces that can be combined with any other light tone.



Ladies with honey and golden blonde hair should definitely have clothing in brown. Light and dark tones of brown will make golden hair even more attractive. You can also wear accessories in brown and mustard.



Red is one of the most suitable colors for blondes. All shades of red will look great but keep red clothing for special occasions. It can be a luxurious red dress.



White is the color that suits any hair color and for blondes too white will be a good option. Light tones of blonde hair will look even more glowing and beautiful when combined with ivory, champagne and cream.



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