Best Bag Trends 2016


Last year I covered the Best Bag Trends 2016  from the runway. And because winter is again drawing to a close, it´s time to get to know which trendy arm candies should you dig now for your spring wardrobe. Expect a good amount of bright colors and some splash-y attitude!


Best Bag Trends 2016

1) Lanvin, 2) Valentino, 3) Marc Jacobs 4) Fendi

These ladylike, very refine shoulders bags are structured and they provide enough rooms for your lipstick, wallet, and phone, but you got to downscale your accessories in order for them not to bulge. They´d add significant modern elegance to your spring outfits.


Best Bag Trends 2016

1) Saint Laurent, 2) Victoria Beckham, 3) Saint Laurent, 4) Fendi

The epitome of girly sophistication starts with pastel, perfect for after-work and chic soirées. The most versatile is blush, but you can invest on light blue, light green and light pink just the same.


Best Bag Trends 2016

1) Christian Louboutin 2) Dolce & Gabbana 3) Miu Miu 4) Emilio Pucci

Embellishment knows no age, they´d inject a touch of youth to anyone. Go for the tough-luxe appeal as seen on Mui Mui´s sturdy satchel-inspired shape, or opt for the nougat style of youthful lace and stud mix as seen on Dolce & Gabbana. In between these two opposites are pretty bags toughened with good amount of embellishment.


Best Bag Trends 2016

1) Dolce & Gabbana, 2) Givenchy, 3) Dolce & Gabbana, 4) Alexander McQueen

Whether it´s to match your gorgeous floral dress or to lighten up a monochrome, the quick way to incorporate bold color to your look is through a floral print bag.


Best Bag Trends 2016

1) Fendi, 2) Saint Laurent, 3) Fendi, 4) Reed Krakoff

You need a go-getter bag to coordinate with your day outfits for running errands or shopping. But you want it to always be in style. This season´s tote bags are luxurious in stripes, pastel, colorblock, and metallic.


Best Bag Trends 2016

1) Valentino, 2) Miu Miu, 3) Jimmy Choo, 4) Saint Laurent

The season is never complete without animal print bags. Significantly, wild bags for spring and summer are smaller and cuter. Whether it´s a clutch or a shoulder bag, the tinier the better.


Best Bag Trends 2016

1) Miu Miu, 2) Valentino, 3) Marni Edition, 4) Saint Laurent

Metallic bags always have that futuristic element. But metal bags this season are given significant tough spins. Think of of Mui Mui´s moto-inspired metal bag, it´s an urban piece with lots of drama! Other designers went for a rather less dramatic take, accenting their metallic bags with luxe contrasts such as gold hardware or bow. But one thing is sure; these bags are made to create impact.


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