2015 Summer Trend; Asymmetric Skirt


2015 summer trends are versatile with bright colors and creative cuts. One of the trends of this season is asymmetric skirt that is present in several designer collections. Summer asymmetric skirts are made in lightweight fabrics like chiffon that looks very elegant and will make you feel comfortable in hot weather. If you want to have such beautiful skirt in your collection, learn how to wear asymmetric skirt.


First thing you should always do when choosing new garment is to analyze your figure so that you can find your best parts and decide what you are going to hide. When choosing asymmetric skirt pay attention to legs. If you have beautiful legs you can go for mini skirt with asymmetric longer cuts. If you have skinny figure you can choose asymmetric skirt with ruffles that will create and illusion of curvy figure.

Asymmetric skirt is one of the most versatile designs that can be worn from day to night and your image will depend on details you match with the skirt. Asymmetric skirt will look really smashing with high heels. For special occasion you can choose sandals or wedges. If you are tall you can combine asymmetric skirt with flat sandals for casual look.



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