2014 Swimsuits Fashion Trends; How to Choose Swimsuit


Summer is coming with all unforgettable moments on the beach and surely the most important thing for summer image is swimsuit. All the popular designers and brands have represented 2014 spring/summer swimwear collections and you can easily find your favorites but wait a minute; before choosing swimwear you should know some tricks that will help you to find the most suitable style for your figure.


Ladies with small breasts can easily create sexier look wearing ruffled bandeau tops. This trick will create an illusion of larger chest. Such style of top can be completed with any kind of bottom suitable for your body. 

For short torso there is a great trick; halter strapped top combined with low-rise bottom will visually elongate torso thus making you look taller.


The best way to elongate your short legs is swimsuit with high cuts. This type of swimwear is very bold and will be suitable for slim body. If you have curvy body figure you’d better try any other style.


Athletic body is great but sometimes it needs more curves to look attractive. Here come ruffled bandeau tops with prints and patterns that will make compact figure more feminine and seductive.


Girls with curvy figure should be very careful when choosing swimsuit with thin straps because thin straps can dig into skin thus creating dreaded flesh folds. In order to stay away from such disasters you should choose swimsuits with thick straps.

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In order to make large chest less eye catching you need to choose cup sizes and underwire style that will make your figure look proportionate and attractive.


Pear shaped body with big butt needs special bottom that will make body proportionate. You can choose one tone bottom with maximum coverage and printed top that will place the accent on chest.


Broad shoulders can look masculine but you can easily change the situation with proper swimsuit. Printed swimwear with one shoulder or asymmetric neckline will make your body more feminine.



Swimsuit opens your skin and at the same times makes imperfections more visible. Cellulite is the biggest problem that concerns to every fifth girl. If you want to hide cellulite choose tankini with longer hemlines.


For flat bottom frills and ruching will be perfect. Choose styles with bright and eye catching prints for maximum effect.


If you think that you have fuller thigh you can choose bottoms with more coverage like skirt bottom that will perfectly hide fuller thigh.


If you want to hide tummy you should definitely go for one-piece swimsuit with plunging neckline. One tone swimsuit will look better still if you like prints choose tiny ones.


For future moms tankini is the only way to look elegant and feel comfortable. Moreover tankini will protect you from UV rays.



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