2014 Summer Fashion Trends; How to Wear Denim Shorts


When choosing summer image you should first of all choose garments that are comfortable. In order to feel comfortable and confident on hot weather you should choose pieces made of lightweight and natural fabrics. Too short or too bold décolleté doesn’t mean comfortable; you may have discomfort wearing tight clothing so think twice when upgrading your summer wardrobe.


One of the best pieces for summer is surely denim shorts that are highly popular and trendy for 2014 summer. There is nothing more sexual than pair of sexy shorts completed with T-shirt or top. Just like any other clothing you should know some style tips on how to wear denim shorts and how to find best matches for them. 

Your figure is the most important factor that you should take into consideration when choosing clothing. For shorts you should be twice as attentive as they place the accent on legs. Right type can make you look taller and slimmer.


Elongated shorts are more suitable for tall girls. They will look stylish with long tunics as well as tong shorts and T-shirts.

Super short bold denim shorts look very impressive but only women with perfect body and legs can pull off such style. If you have cellulite you’d better stay away from such designs. Tight shorts will look bold and even vulgar so when choosing such type try to find more relaxed silhouettes.

One of the greatest style mistakes that women do is combining denim shorts with long shirts and T-shirts. What’s the point wearing shorts if they are hidden under shirt? Keeping this rule in your mind you can find numerous designs and types of blouses and shirts to match with shorts. 

The style of shoes is also very important. As we are talking about summer image the best way is to combine denim shorts with sneakers, open toe shoes and flat sandals. 





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